Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Endgame.fyi is a fun little blog that I created so that I can learn more about the creation of high-end “endgame” mechanical keyboards. That is, the mechanical keyboards that their owners have built to be their perfect keyboards that look, sound and feel like nothing else.

I’m your host, Andy and I’m a mechanical keyboard nerd and maker. I currently own a modified Keychron K2 with a resprayed deep red aluminium frame. I’m in the process of building a Discipline 65 based around a custom ordered green PCB, smoke grey acrylic parts, Kailh Box Heavy Burnt Orange switches, Durock Smoke Stabs and legendless black PBT keycaps. I also have a little 8-key mechanical macroboard that I built from scratch using a 3D printed enclosure and Cicruit Python powered microcontroller. You can read how I built that over on my maker blog.

Made with ♥ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands