Seb’s Curvy Custom Sleepy 60

today we’re checking out Seb’s Sleepy 60, a completly bespoke custom 60% keyboard with a case of his own design!

Hi there, who are you and where are you from?

Hey! I’m Seb from Worcester, England.

What attracted you to the world of mechanical keyboards?

I started off with some basic Amazon gamer TKL’s, Outemu blues and all. The communities in this hobby probably got me going properly, helping me make first builds and encouraging me along the way.

What were you looking for in your perfect keyboard? Do you think you achieved it?

Top notch aesthetics, sound and feel. I do think I achieved this, putting a lot of time and thought into the design.

Tell us about the case? What did you go for and why?

The case is a custom design by myself (Sleepy60 Acrylic). I’ve always liked curvy keyboards as they are a nice change from the silver rectangles on the market most of the time. I own a Brutal60 and have a few spare plates, so I thought I would design a case that compliments this, along with being able to use nicer mounting methods such as gaskets.

What switches did you go with? Why?

I used Mint YOK Holy Pandas, along with purple durock stabilizers. Holy pandas are one of the nicest sounding tactiles in my opinion, along with having a very nice rounded bump. If it weren’t for those two factors, I would have chosen linears!

The Durock stabilizers are also some of the best out there in terms of sound and feel, with minimal rattle once lubed.

How about the PCB?

I used the Plain60-c from Maartenwut’s github. A friend and I got 5 made from JLCPCB, and I SMD soldered the parts to create the working PCB! This was a nice pick as the SMD route on open source PCB’s always ends up cheaper. Maarten also has the board ported to via, so flashing it is very convenient.

Did you use a plate? What’s it made out of?

As this board is gasket mounted and uses a standard PCB, I did need a plate. I used a custom cut POM (Acetal) plate from the Brutal60 files.

And of course… what keycaps are you wearing today?

Today I have EPBT 9009, from one of the original runs. I recently purchased this as I wanted something more laid back from the GMK Handarbeit I had been running for a while, and it definitely satisfied that need.

Tell us about the Lube!

I lubed the Holy Pandas with 205g0 on the slider rail only, to give a bit more thock to the sound.

Anything else went into this endgame build?

Nothing else went into this really. I prefer my boards to have no foam as you get the raw sound from the board itself, without removing any vibrations. I have a cheap beige coiled cable from KBDfans, but I have a nicer one in the works!

Cheeky question… how much did it all cost?

The case was around £60 to manufacture for a prototype (layered acrylic cut by LaserLab), switches were £35, I got the stabilizers for free in a trade, and the PCB’s were around £40 for the 5 (so around £8 for the PCB). EPBT 9009 was £125 shipped from a friendly member of MKUK, so the total was around £230.

How long did it take you to build this keyboard from start to finish?

The design took a few days, the acrylic prototype took around a week, and the build was done the day it arrived of course. Building with the POM plate was a bit tricky, as the tolerances were off and the plate kept falling down, but other than that it was smooth sailing!

Hows the typing experience?

Stunning. The Holy Pandas provide a lovely clack, and although it may be weird to some the flex from the POM plate compliments these switches amazingly. 11/10.

If you could change anything about this keyboard what would it be?

I would personally get a nicer colour of acrylic (which I definitely plan on doing). Black was the safest and cleanest bet as I got to showcase a lot of keycap sets without colours clashing.

Do you have any other keyboards in the works?

My next keyboard will be the Space65 Cybervoyager, which is shipping in September! I’ll be Millmaxing the PCB, and building it with Gateron Inks.

Finally… time to promote yourself. Where can we find you online and what do you do?

You can feel free to join my discord server at where we chat and chill, and also where I showcase my designs/do sales! Anyone is welcome and all questions shall be answered there.

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I'm Andy, keyboard nerd and moderator of this wonderful website. My dream is to help keyboard newbies learn everything that goes into creating high-end "endgame" mechanical keyboards.

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