KEYGEM Chiffre’s KBD8X

Last updated on July 25, 2020

Today we’re interviewing Chiffres in part one of our two-part interview series with the guys from Keygem, an awesome mechanical keyboard store based out of Germany!

Hi there, who are you and where are you from?

Hello my name is Chiffre and I am from Aachen in Germany.

What were you looking for in your perfect keyboard? Do you think you achieved it?

I was looking for a colorful board with linear switches and a nice sound. For the coloring I wanted to have a lot of purple in it. I think I created a pretty nice keyboard which is fine for me at the moment but there is still room for improvements. 

Tell us about the case? What did you go for and why?

KBD8X MKII with a E-white Bottom and Purple/Pink Top. It is the TKL version with a Brass Plate.

What switches did you go with? Why?

I am using Turquoise Tealios 63.5g. I tested them on a Macropad before and really liked the feeling and sound. The lube made them even better.

How about the PCB?


And of course… what keycaps are you wearing today?

Today I got the SA Laser on but I switch it from time to time with SA Troubled Mind.

Tell us about the Lube!

I used Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 for my Switches and Stabilizers. To be honest I did not have the time while building the keyboard so I bag lubed the switches.

Anything else went into this endgame build?

I am using a purple cable, Milky Glas Wristrest and a pretty nice and colorful Deskmat.

Cheeky question… how much did it all cost?


 [I guess he doesn’t want to talk about it – ed ;-)]

How long did it take you to build this keyboard from start to finish?

The building itself did not take that long, only a few hours since I saved the time with the bag lubing process. I guess it was around 3 hours.

If you could change anything about this keyboard what would it be?

I think it would be nice to have a hot swap PCB to be able to check out how the board sounds and feels with other switches without the whole desolder and solder process. 

Would maybe try out some Koala switches.

Do you have any other keyboards in the works?

Currently not since I just finished this one 3 months ago. I am pretty happy so far and just want to use it a bit longer before planning or building the next one.

Finally… time to promote yourself. Where can we find you online and what do you do?

We are KEYGEM a vendor from Europe (Germany). We have set ourself the goal of selling premium products and accessories related to mechanical keyboards. You can find us on

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