Matt’s Frosted RGB Tofu

Last updated on July 25, 2020

Today we’re interviewing Matt from Oregon USA about his frosted , rgb-laden Tofu build!

Hi there, who are you and where are you from?

I am Matt, and I am from Oregon USA 🙂

What attracted you to the world of mechanical keyboards?

All the opportunities to customize and make a board truly your own. I am also a huge tinkerer so I love getting to solder things to the PCB.

What were you looking for in your perfect keyboard? Do you think you achieved it?

I really like keyboards that sound and feel nice to type on and I personally think I achieved those goals with my TOFU board.

Tell us about the case? What did you go for and why?

I have seen frosted acrylic cases in the past and I loved the look! I was going to go for a 60% tofu but I saw the 65% had a brass weight on the back and I knew I needed it!

What switches did you go with? Why?

I went with NK Creams because they seem to be a really popular switch in the community and I wanted to try them myself. So far, they 100% live up to my expectations.

How about the PCB?

Since I had decided to go with a frosted acrylic case I knew I needed something with underglow. I also wanted to solder it myself, as I wouldn’t feel like it was truly custom with a hot-swap PCB.

Did you use a plate? What’s it made out of?

Of course! I went with a brass plate, I also heard a lot of good things about brass plates. The sound it is giving me so far is very nice, I will have to try an aluminum plate as well to see how they compare.

And of course… what keycaps are you wearing today?

I am using the only “Premium” keycaps I had, GMK Red Samurai! Unfortunately, I am missing the right shift keycap as my set didn’t come with a 1.75u right shift. So, I am making do for now 🙂

Tell us about the Lube!

I decided on using Krytox 205G0 on my switches as well as my stabilizers, I was intimidated at first since everyone says 205G0 is hard to work with and beginners should steer clear but I think I got my switches lubed perfectly!

Anything else went into this endgame build?

I am not using anything else special, I am using a USB-C cable from a ducky one 2 mini because it’s the only USB-C cable I have.

Cheeky question… how much did it all cost?

So, I will run down the list of everything 🙂
Case: 109$ – KBDFANS TOFU65 Frosted Acrylic
PCB: 39$ – KBD67 rev2
Plate: 39$ – 65% Brass Plate
Switches: 45.50$ – Novelkey x Kailh Creams
Stabilizers: 20$ – Durock Screw-in Stabilizers 

How long did it take you to build this keyboard from start to finish?

So, I only know this because I streamed the entire process but it took me a little over 3 hours! It was my first time doing a custom build so I am sure next time it will go a lot faster.

If you could change anything about this keyboard what would it be?

The keycaps probably, I plan on replacing these with PBT Islander as soon as it arrives at my door!

Do you have any other keyboards in the works?

I’m currently awaiting a Discipline65 at the moment, I am also going to be joining the Think 6.5 V2 group buy so that will also be coming down the line eventually 🙂 

Finally… time to promote yourself. Where can we find you online and what do you do?

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you! This was a really cool experience and I appreciate it!

You can find me on:

Reddit: u/fireddionysus
Instagram: Fireddio
Twitter: @FiredDionysus

Bonus! Sound test:

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