Emmanuel’s hand-crafted walnut river DZ60

Last updated on July 25, 2020

Today is a first for endgame – this board features an entirely custom walnut case and wrist wrest embeded with an epoxy river,

What attracted you to the world of mechanical keyboards?Hi there, who are you and where are you from?

Hi. My name is Emmanuel Espiritu. I’m from the Philippines.

What were you looking for in your perfect keyboard? Do you think you achieved it?

Before I dipped my toes into this deep rabbit hole of a hobby, I had a specific build in mind already. I believe I achieved it in terms of design and functionality.

Tell us about the case? What did you go for and why?

The case is a wooden custom 60% walnut case. As you can see, I recently added 1 ½ inch of river mod resin on the wrist rest part. This serves as a wrist rest extension due the old case had a shorter wrist rest. Now it provides a full wrist comfort because of this mod. Also, the cuts are not random. I designed the cut based on the river Nile (from Cairo to Luxor viewed horizontally), albeit I warped the curve a bit so I can apply the cut with regards to previous case structure.

What switches did you go with? Why?

I’ve tested a lot of switches before I made this build, and I came up with Gateron Ink Blacks. Not only these are the smoothest switches I’ve encountered thus far, they are also the most comfortable for me.

How about the PCB?

For the PCB, I came up with a DZ60 Rev 3.0. My layout is a bit unorthodox but I designed it this way. I will forgo num keys but I cannot let go of the arrow keys due to my work.

Did you use a plate? What’s it made out of?

I used a brass plate in this build. 4mm in thickness. It adds rigidity to my build and a lot of heft. The keyboard is almost 4kg now.

And of course… what keycaps are you wearing today?

The keycaps are SA 1976 from Signature Plastics. When I first saw it, I already knew that these are the only keycap set that will really pop on my build. Nothing else.

Tell us about the Lube!

I use a Kytox205 grade 0 for the inks. Also, I added TX Orange films.

Anything else went into this endgame build?

I made a custom aviation cable for this build. I kinda hated coiled cables, that’s why I went with paracord weaves.

Cheeky question… how much did it all cost?

Uhh well.. I started this build last year and from time to time I upgraded it. The total cost is almost 755 USD.

How long did it take you to build this keyboard from start to finish?

I started this build early September last year with cheap keycaps and brown switches but I upgraded it to its current state. Took me almost 11 months to achieve it.

If you could change anything about this keyboard what would it be?

If I could change anything, I will add an ISO enter key because I’ve always wanted that big-ass enter key. And also add a leather desk pad from Saddleback. Then I will deem that my keyboard has achieved its final form. He he he.

Do you have any other keyboards in the works?

Yes I do. I always start with the keyboard case. Right now, I am working with a friend to make custom wooden cases for TKL layouts.

Finally… time to promote yourself. Where can we find you online and what do you do?

TBH I don’t have a big presence online, though it might be useful if in the near future I will start selling custom cables and wooden cases. You can always message me at Reddit (/u/RembrandtMaven). Thank you!

Bonus: Sound test

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